WebCrawler returns no results

Dear FESS-developers/-users,

I have just started using version 14.10 and cannot get any results from the web crawler. Please see my crawler configuration below.

Under System Infos > Crawling Infos > Session-ID there are no results listed. fess-crawler.log does not offer any further hints.

I carefully read through the documentation and some other related issues, but that did not help. Do have any ideas about what is going wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance


Update: I ran the crawler with log level set to Debug. I would gladly share fess-crawler.log if you tell me how to upload text files here.


Included URLs For Crawling should be:


I added the main site as the first URL in the “Included URLs for Crawling” list and indeed the entries on the page matching the second URL are crawled. Thank you very much!

Now going one step further, I added the following URL to the above list in order to crawl the rest of the pages. I am getting no further matches however. Do you know why that is the case?


You need to set the proper "Included URLs for Crawling” to match the URLs.

I am setting the correct URLs. None of the ones that address a page number are being crawled.