Virtual host function

I am trying to separate key matches and related content between a public page and our intranet using virtual host settings. I followed the instruction in #1543 but I can’t get it to work.

We are crawling one public site and one intranet:

I’ve set Virtual Hosts settings in General:

I have two Web Crawling Configs with Virtual Hosts settings at Crawling Config:


In Crawling Information I can see the values for virtual host correct on the pages eg www on pages from public page and intranet on pages from the intranet.

The problem is that when I put the value (www or intranet) in the virtual host field on a term in Related Content it does not show up in the result. If the virtual host field is empty it shows. I get the same result in both our own search page (via api) and on the built in Fess-search page.

Is it some other setting or something else that I’ve missed or have I misunderstood this function completely?

I have also put the virtual host on the label that i use, still not working.
In i have:

This line is empty:
Should I put something there?

Am I doing something wrong or is something broken @marevol?

I have no time to reproduce it now…
If you need a quick solution, please contact Commercial Support.

@burple6 Any thoughts on this? I’ve used your expertise to get the Related Content going. Have you used Virtual Hosts to steer the matches to fire in specific contexts? I want to separate key matches and Related Content for the Intranet and the public site.

Our team could not reproduce the problem.
It seems to work correctly.

It does not work for me! Is there a way to find whats wrong?