Upgrade 12.1.2 to 13.16.0 Windows?

Im currently running 12.1.2 with elasticsearch 6.24 need to upgrade due to the log4j issue any information out there to do this? I manually installed the 13.16.0 and ES 7.16.2 but services will not start stating an error code 1… is there a specific java version required ie JDK 17? JRE 8?

Fess 12 is EOLed. So, it’s not supported. Please see EOL information.
To install Fess 13, see the installation guide.
If you need support for old Fess, contact commercial support.

Yeah we kind of set it and forgot it, its worked real good and didnt realize we went out of date and due to the log4j situation I did reinstall but wanted to see if we could bring the configuration forward, some customization with logo and users is what I wanted to bring as I already setup the crawl