update label problem

(from github.com/chuqingsheng)
When I update document labels(add a new label :label1) at admin search list edit page. Then I search by this label with label:label1. It does work, but this label doesn’t display in the search option Labels box. How to display new label in search options?

(from github.com/marevol)
Label information is cached.
Config Reloader in Scheduler reloads configurations.

(from github.com/chuqingsheng)
I have start the Config Reloader. but doesn’t work.
I add label at document update page. please see below picture.

(from github.com/marevol)
I see.
A label in a search condition is a label name, and one in a document is a label value.
So, to display it in a search condition, you need to add it in Label.

(from github.com/chuqingsheng)
Can I display label values at right of every search result item? how can I do? add html code in searchResults.jsp? please give me some suggestion. thank you.

(from github.com/chuqingsheng)
In searchResults.jsp , the doc haven’t label field. how to modify source code to add label field output searchresults.jsp?

(from github.com/nkampel)
iam also trying to display the Labels for individual docs in the searchresults. I tryed modifying the searchresults.jsp with no luck.
I would appreciate any suggestions to help me solve this issue.