The authority information of the AD group

Hi Author. Very thanks for developing excellent system.

I would like to know about latest situation about auth information of nested AD group.
I found this article said Fess can handle nested AD group after FESS 12.2 version.

Fess 12.2以降ではネストされたグループにも対応しています。

Although I tried to build FESS 13.4.0 and I login with ldap/AD account,
all user’s cannot get search results(there are no document.) even if the documents have group A permission.

Should we enable nested AD group option and so on?
Could you tell us how to use nested AD group when we search?

(Example:Group A has many groups.)
In this case, I hope user 1 can search documents of Group A and Group A-A .
Group A
– Group A-A
– Group A-B

I understand FESS did not have this function on 10 Jan 2018.

Could you check if an user has expected permissions in audit.log?

Thank you for the response. I checked auditlog files.
It’s seem to be right permission.(users have GroupA-A permission).

In addition, I confirmed some users logged in Windows OS and they can access documents of Group A permission.
#Groupt A includes Groupe A-A and so on.

I expect latest FESS handles nest group and users can search documents of GroupA.

What kind of causes could you think of?

Could you check role of a document in Admin Search page?

See Group Filter.

Thank you for updating manual and the reply. I did it.
I close this question.