Synonym search is failing with default FESS boolean operator "AND"

Hi ,

I have a problem with synonym search . When i search for “uninstall AND mms” , synonyms for uninstall and mms are not part of search query . But the same synonyms search is working when we search for “uninstall OR mms”

Is there a way to acheive results for both synonym and boolean query together . This default boolean operator AND is being used in FESS internally hence synonym search is not working .

Below is the configuration which we used in our FESS system.
“standard_search_analyzer”: {
“filter”: [
“char_filter”: [
“type”: “custom”,
“tokenizer”: “standard”

	"standard_analyzer": {
      "filter": [
      "char_filter": [
      "type": "custom",
      "tokenizer": "standard"

Please suggest us the solution.