Some issue with crawler path in macos

I did setup a file system crawler on my mac so it has to crawl a specific folder but it does’t work. Have checked the log but realized it cannot find the given folder path. What is the correct folder path syntax to a mac folder by setting up a file system crawler.
Can anybody help me please?

What is the crawling config setting you created?

This is a snapshot of my file scrawler’s properties.
I left the remaining properties as default and how can I set the node that I want to add these docs to.
The target folder exists on my HD.
screen shot 1396-09-27 at 13 37 15


  • Is the directory permission correct?
  • Did you check fess-crawler.log?

What are the preferred permissions for a folder to be crawled by the crawler?
These are the permissions for my repo folder
drwxr-xr-x admin 272 Dec 16 19:43 text-repository

The user which launched Fess needs to be able to access it.

It is. The user is an admin user. I thought I might have some syntax error by entering the paths.
How can I force a crawler to recrawl a folder immidiately?