Search No Results (ADUser)

fess version 12.4.2 is used in conjunction with Active Directory.
The crawling target is the file system.

As a user belonging to the AD Administrators group
If you login to fess and perform a search,
All files are displayed in search results,
As a user not belonging to any other Administrators group
If you login to fess and perform a search,
The search result will be 0 cases.

Since crawling is registered in SMB format,
I think that the access right will be reflected as it is,
What is the cause?

You can check ACL info.
For an user, see audit.log.
For a file, check role field in Admin Search page.

dear marevol

Thank you for your reply.
I confirmed audit.log.
The Permissions of an this AD user ,
It was the same as the AD group to which the AD user belongs.
Of course it was possible to access from Windows explorer.
but,The search result will be 0 cases.

I logged into fess with an administrator account,
I also confirmed the Admin Search screen.
You answer in the previous question, “Roll Field”
Maybe I should specify the fess role for AD users too ?
In the current configuration, neither user nor role has been created.
I thought that role was unnecessary in order to acquire SMB type access authority,
Is it different?

Please tell me what other information should be presented.
I’m sorry, thank you.

If a crawling configuration is correct, permissions will be stored to role field.
You can check fess-crawler.log with debug logging if you have a problem.

Problem solved
Thank you