Related query not working with multi keyword search

Hi ,

I am facing issue with related query .
Related query set : AES <=> Advanced encryption system
When i am searching with keyword AES => AES Or Advanced encryption system
but when i am searching for AES methods > Fess is not searchign for Advanced en ryption system .

Can you help us resolving this.

Thank you

Related Query does not match a part of a query. So, it does not process “AES methods”.

Is there a way to enable this related query as part of main query ? if not can you please suggest the solution

And with reference to this below link
Synonym configuration for multi word not working - English:Fess - CodeLIbs Forum
we have tried using synonym token filter for multi word search which doesnot work .

It would be great if you can give us the sample configuration and steps to achieve multiword synonym search .

Fess is an OSS product. If you want to do that, I think you need to modify and source code. Please contact Professional Support if you wish for more support.