Question: Using FESS as a search-engine for Wordpress

Hey there!

Currently we’re using FESS as a Crawler to crawl the Wordpress websites of our customers, thus creating a more reliable search functionality.
Behind FESS we have one elasticsearch engine which holds all the data.
The problem we currently have is, if we update a configuration, we have to delete all the indexes to reindex the website, whose config has been changed.
Is there a way around this?

We’ve thought about multiple solutions:

  • Possibility to have a elasticsearch server per website, thus running FESS on one server and each elasticsearch service per website on a different server. Then we would only need to purge one elasticsearch server index
  • Is there a way to delete a index associated with a crawler or label?
  • Different approaches? Are we going too far or is FESS not the solution we’re looking for?

Thank you for your time!

Virtual Host is available for using multiple websites.