question on web crawl and forms authentication


I just want to ask for general guidelines on how to configure a web crawl with forms authentication. How can I determine what URLs to write in the configuration and what parameters I need to configure? I wanted to configure web crawl for a jira site and some forum sites running in nginx and I can’t seem to properly configure them. The sites go through several redirects. Is there a way to get the values I need from a network monitor result?

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See example configurations.
To configure it, I think that you need to have enough HTML/HTTP knowledge.
If you need commercial supports, please contact support team.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m still in the testing stage so I cannot really say right now if I need commercial support.
I’ve already seen the documentation and from there it looks like parameters like token_url, token_name, token_pattern, login_url, login_parameters, etc. are needed to configure web authentication. I guess I just want to know how to get the values needed for those parameters.

To configure parameters, you need to check/understand HTML and HTTP(S) requests for the login page.