Problem with using stopwords in search queries

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So I am running in to a problem that no search results are being returned whenever the search query contains a stop word.

I have a crawler set up which crawls all the pages of the website every night. The website has a search bar, and we use the JSON API to make the requests to Fess and show the results on our website.

So, for example. There is a term on our website that is present on multiple pages ,“Properties of host”. When you search this exact term, there are no search results. But when you enter “Properties host” then there are results.

When your wrap the entire search query in quotation marks, and thus look for an exact match, then there are search results.

I have been looking but I cannot figure out why “Properties of host” would not return any results. Is there anyone who had this problem before or knows what causes it?

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I could not reproduce it…
Could you provide more information to reproduce it?

Hi, I have this exakt problem.

If I search for: SCENTR: Svenskt Centrum för Hud- och Sårforskning

On this page:

Then I get no results.

If i delete “för” and “SCENTR:” (e.g. Svenskt Centrum Hud- och Sårforskning) I get the result I expect.

If only searching for SCENTR: I also get the result I expect.

Searching for SCENTR: svenskt does NOT work.

We have upgraded from 13.1 to version 14.10 and I uploaded the .fess_config.bulk from old to new.

Is there something with stopwords that are wrong?

I think it’s a different issue…
If you create a new topic, please provide details to reproduce it.