Popular words are not displayed.

(from github.com/gonpchan)
Popular words are not displayed in the following environments.

  • WindowsServer2012R2
  • fess-12.2.0
  • elasticsearch-6.3.2

The executed operations are as follows. It is the same situation as #1654 .

  1. Popular Word Response is Enabled.
  2. Search more than 10 times at 1 minute intervals
  3. Run Suggest Indexer.

The result of curl is as follows.


(from github.com/marevol)
4. Run Config Reloader

(from github.com/gonpchan)
Thank you for your reply immediately.
However, There was no change even if executed.
I am confirmed to operate in the following environment.

  • fess-12.1.4
  • elasticsearch-6.2.4

Please let me know if there is something to investigate.

(from github.com/iladrero)
Same issue, config reloader won’t solve it, any ideas?

(from github.com/julianopcardoso)
Same thing with me.

(from github.com/gonpchan)
I do not know whether it has changed, but it did not matter with fess-12.2.3.

(from github.com/duynqvn)
I have the same issue in both of fess-12.1.4 and fess-12.2.3.
Any suggestions?

(from github.com/marevol)
Is it reproduced in the latest Fess 12.4?

(from github.com/duynqvn)
It is reproduced in the Fess-12.4.3 too.
Is there any attention points when we produce popular words?

Best regards,

(from github.com/marevol)

  1. Search more than 10 times at 1 minute intervals

You need to access a new session(remove cookies).

(from github.com/duynqvn)
Thank you for your reply.
It worked. The popular word is displayed with fess-12.2.3 and higher version now.
Best regards,