Paging in the admin admin/searchlist


With the default settings the admin search page returns error “System Error, Contact the Site Administrator”.when I try to look results beyond 10000.

The results sub header shows results bigger than 10000 results. When i try to move to the page 1001 with page size 10, then I will get the error. Same happens if I try to move to the page 101 when the page size is 100.

At least this happens with version 13.10.

I hope it will be possible to look all the results in the admin page.

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Elasticsearch does not return over 10k documents. So you need to use Scroll API.
To use Scroll API,

  1. Set to true in
  2. Restart Fess
  3. Access to http://localhost:8080/json/scroll?q=Search_Word

Perhaps then the paging in the admin page should prevent browsing results over 1000, instead of showing system error.