Only one result when I search the fess

I use mysql by crawling in data store as my data, but fess only return one result when I search, I ensure that the key word appears in many contents.

I don’t know whether I need change some configuration, does anyone meet the same problem?

What is your setting for the data store crawling?
I think it’s the setting problem.

Actually, I write the crawler as the Part 17: Database crawl, It’s be like:
sql=SQL // I test the SQL in my database, it works well and query like like.

url=“http://localhost/” // I don’t need the id, so i do not add ‘id’.
last_modified=new java.util.Date()

By the way, when I crawling the database, i try search the same key word but i get diffrent result(also, just one result), when i finished the crawling, i search the same key word i get the only one same result.

And i ensure that the query parameter num in url > 1.

I found the fess properties also, it seems there is no parameter which can control the number of result.

I check the query log, the hit count is 1, is there some hint i can follow?

These are my trial and some information to solve this problem, thank for your time, i will appreciate if you can give some hint to solve this problem.

url=“http://localhost/” // I don’t need the id, so i do not add ‘id’.

url must be unique. It’s used as a document id.

Thank you! I change the settings of crawler, the fess can return the right result not only one. :smile: