New User: How to include Digest in keyword search?

Is there a configuration option to include the Digest field when matching keywords / weighting results?

In an HTML file, you can change a content of “content” field to modify the following value in


“digest” field is not a search field.

Thank you Sugayasan.

I have added the META Description to the .content index with pipe | :


This is successful in adding the document description to the content for keyword evaluation…

I would like to to add the ‘digest’ data or ‘other custom data’ to be evaluated as part of the keyword search without adding it to the .content field.

I will keep experimenting. The software is exciting. :smiley:

Thank you again.

To add a custom field and use it on search:

  1. Add a custom field to doc.json
  2. Reindex on Maintenace page
  3. Add the field name to in
  4. Restart Fess

Thank you again I will try this! :grin: