Manually add website to index using API (/api/admin/searchlist/doc)

Hi need some help please,

When I go to search in the backend, I can manually add a website to the index using the green “create new” button, I would like to do this using API, I think the endpoint is /api/admin/searchlist/doc using the Form or Body: CreateBody however I do not know what the format is to enter the URL, Title, role, boost, label, lang, etc, I can see it says MAP<String, Obejct> can you show me the format so I can manually add a website into the index using API

crudMode Integer @ValidateTypeFailure
doc Map<String, Object>
q String

Really appreciate your help

Please see API Doc, SearchListTests, schema.
If you need more supports, please contact commercial support.

Ok thank you for coming back to me, so it is possible to add a website straight to the index without crawling using the above? and if I email commercial support they will give me a price for a json example?

Ok I managed to sort it out thanks