Label usage question


First wonderful work on this project

i have one domain with multiple subdomains
i created one web crawler like this:

Included URLs For Crawling: http?s://*
Excluded URLs For Crawling: 

Also i created some labels - for example

Name: Label1
Value: label1
Included Paths: https?://*
Name: Label2
Value: label2
Included Paths: https?://*

now i start crawling and i can see results but its not labeled
like i see results like this
and its not get the label: Label1

now i try to understand how to work properly with labels… should i select the label in the web crawling form also? or its enough to create the label with the settings…

when i add multiple labels into the web crawling form the results show the labels but each label store the same result

can you please light my way with this?


For the configuration, it looks good to me.
Disabling Incremental crawling, could you try it again?
If incremental crawling is enabled and an indexed page is not updated, labels information are also not updated.

i unchecked “Check Last Modified” and its look ok… will keep testing this