Is there any way to know each crawler job result info

Working Env: Windows
Fess-14.10.0 with Opensearch-2.8.0

As I know, I can view my index data info in the Fess Dashboard page, including how may documents in the index.

So, I want to know if possible I also can view each crawler job result info, such as how many documents are added to index data and total size of the job.

I think you can use Admin API. The endpoint is /api/admin/crawlinginfo/logs.

Thank for your reply.

About Admin API, Could you teach me more detail?
How can I use it?
If there is a example will be help me a lots.

You can generate an access token for Admin API.
Below is an example request.

$ curl -H "Authorization: access_token" -XPUT "http://localhost:8080/api/admin/webconfig/setting" -d '{"name":"Fess :","description":"Enterprise Search Server: Fess","urls":"","included_urls":"*","user_agent":"Mozilla/5.0","num_of_thread":1,"interval_time":10000,"boost":1,"available":true,"sort_order":0}'

Thank you so much.
Though it’s seems difficult to me to understand all of your reply.
Anyway, for my purpose that get a crawler task info, the command below I plan to try:
curl -H “Authorization:ApiToken” http://localhost:80/api/admin/crawlinginfo/log/{“myjob-id”}
I know it not correct, Could you help to correct it?
By the way, my http port for Fess is set to 80.