In v13.6.0 created web crawler don't work

When I create a new web crawler in fess v13.6.0, the crawler doesn’t work:

2020-02-28 08:17:08,399 [main] INFO Starting Crawler…
2020-02-28 08:17:08,438 [WebFsCrawler] INFO No crawling target urls.
2020-02-28 08:17:08,439 [main] INFO Finished Crawler
2020-02-28 08:17:08,476 [main] INFO [CRAWL INFO] CrawlerEndTime=2020-02-28T08:17:08.439+0000,CrawlerStatus=true,CrawlerStartTime=2020-02-28T08:17:08.400+0000,WebFsCrawlEndTime=2020-02-28T08:17:08.438+0000,CrawlerExecTime=40,WebFsCrawlStartTime=2020-02-28T08:17:08.423+0000
2020-02-28 08:17:08,482 [main] INFO Destroyed LaContainer.

When I add the values of the web crawler to an existing web crawler (created before v13.6.0) the crawler works as expected.

What is a crawling setting?
I think the setting may not be proper.

The crawling setting is:

URLs: https://domain
Included URLs for crawling: https://domain/.*
Included URLs for indexing: https://domain/.*

The other config parameter are default.

When I take the parameter above and enter them into an existing web crawler, the crawling works as expected.

https://domain/.* does not match https://domain because of missing /.

I also tried (without success):

URLs: https://domain
Included URLs for crawling: https://domain/.*
Included URLs for indexing: https://domain/.*

The error is always the same: No crawling target urls.


URL: https://domain
Included URL(for crawling): https://domain.*

“No crawling target urls.” means the specified URL does not match Included URL.

That doesn’t work either.

It is strange that those crawling configuration work in web crawler created before v13.6.0. Am I the only one that is having this issue?