How to use labels properly?


I am configuring some labels to search only on a subgroup of indexed pages.

I need to assign a label to all the pages in a certain folder, for example:

I tried to put in “Included Paths” different formats but nothing appears to work properly, all the indexed pages has the label assigned, not only the pages in that folder.

Included Paths format is a java regex? I tried with:


Is the label functionality working fine? or I am configuring it wrongly?


Included Paths format is Java regex.
The setting for* assigns a label to pages under including sub directories.
If you selected a label in web crawling config page, ALL pages is assigned to the label.

I have selected the label in web crawling config… :frowning:

A reindex is necessary to update the label assigment?

Yes. Reindex is needed to update labels.

Ok! Thanks!