How to separate search results from multiple websites


I would like to crawl many websites. But, I have multiples contexts. I will describe them here.

I want to manage some website pools. For some examples, I have 4 websites : A, B, C and D. I want to see search results from websites A, B and C on Fess. I also want to crawl the D website. But, I don’t want to see his results mixed with A, B and C.

Can I separate website results ? Maybe there is something possible with nodes ?
Can I choose to have multiple search GUI for one Fess server, and choose which one is connected to a specific ES node ?
Do I need to use a specific instance to split data ?

Use VirtualHosts.

Case: displays websites A, B, C and displays website D.
(You need to assign 2 hostnames to Fess)

  1. Set Virtual Hosts settgins at General
  1. Create 4 Web Crawling Configs with Virtual Hosts settings at Crawling Config
    Site A: www1
    Site B: www1
    Site C: www1
    Site D: www2
  2. Start Default Crawler
  3. Access and displays only website ABC.

Hi Marevol,

I used this configuration on my configuration :

  1. Virtual Hosts settings

  1. I added virtual host value for each sites

I can access to and But, with both URL, I have all results. Should I use a specific port for each search GUI ? Should I have an apache reverse proxy configuration or something ?

It depends on a request header.
Does your request contain a port number? You can check the request header in your request.
If you access it with a port, it’s

Using Apache as a reverse proxy, the name of a request header is

It worked perfectly for me, I forgot to write the port on each Host. Thank you for the answers.