how to parse Eml file with Fess


We want to Crawl eml files to our Fess server.
After a “google search” we saw this page “org.codelibs.fess.crawler.extractor.impl.EmlExtractor java code examples | Tabnine
How we can run this script in Fess ?


Fess uses it as default.

I asked this question because the content of the EML file is not displayed well.
There is a particular way to perform Crawl of Eml file ?

I think it’s better to check log messages with debug level.

I currently do not see an error message.
The contents of the email are displayed as if looking at a TXT / XML file
like this :

<body ....

hi joan ,

i need to create special job for eml files crawling ?
do i need special parameters/script ?

I would appreciate your help

The debug level log is for looking into a problem, not checking an error.
EmlExtractor is enabled by default.


I changed the level to debug

what to search ?
I don’t see any problem

Maybe I did not create the job or the scheduler correctly ?

What to write in the fields Excutor : Script :