How to open url from local file (from local disk) directly under fess and not from fileserver?


after adding 3 websites, we want to search also our local files (from our local disk of pc), because we dont have something like a fileserver or that.

We used fscrawler to add data from local filesyste of Windows 10 to elasticsearch. Then we used fess-elasticsearch plugin to add them from elasticsearch into Fess.

The result of the indexed document in fess.XXX index looks as follows:
{ "_index" : "fess.20200312", "_type" : "_doc", "_id" : "97d1ee502540fe0fdd363c418a5dc159ed6d555ecf338ffcfb89b21d3180de07118864811ff4ec513e196f8e43227a2d6d3477a07ab5e31f25e07affc79625b7", "_score" : 1.0, "_source" : { "filetype" : "pdf", "expires" : "2020-03-15T07:47:55.334Z", "role" : [ "1rh" ], "created" : "2018-10-04T09:04:50.000+0000", "click_count" : 1, "title" : "Exercise07.pdf", "doc_id" : "7a4d56589d1548af9ef8d2a3d31fb065", "content" : "\n\n\nPTC Academic Program \n\nHow to Model Almost Anything 164 \n \n\nConcept Development \nDESIGNING AND CREATING NEW PART GEOMETRY \n\nDesigning a New Product \nDesigning a new product allows you to be creative.", "url" : "file:/C:\\Users\\RH\\Downloads\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\Exercise07.pdf", "site" : "C:\\Users\\RH\\Downloads\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\Exercise07.pdf", "config_id" : "Do3efgXAB149iB2w4iXAE", "anchor" : "", "segment" : "o3efgXAB149iB2w4iXAE", "digest" : "", "boost" : "1.0", "favorite_count" : 0, "mimetype" : "application/pdf", "lang" : "en", "last_modified" : "2019-10-15T13:56:42.074+0000", "virtual_host" : [ ] } }

The problem now is that it isnt possible to open the url from our local files.

If i click on the url this links tries to open:

There I received an error that the page isnt available.

Is there a way to open this url:
file:/C:\\Users\\RH\\Downloads\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\How_to_model_almost_anything\\Exercise07.pdf from local files directly?

If i copy the file link into browser everything works fine and the pdf file is shown up.


Content Proxy is a feature to access a content from Fess, and it’s enabled by default.
Recent browsers does not allow an user to access files with URL of file: directly.
So, it’s not a problem in Fess.
To disable Content Proxy, you can set search.file.proxy to false in

Hello, thanks for your response. The files could be open if I set search.file.proxy=false and follow your note, that the browsers policy do not allow to access files from url directly. Therefore is a specific browser setting necessary. After following this guide e.g. for Browser Firefox the opening of url from files start to work:

Thanks for your help Mr. Shinsuke.