How to: Multiple instances of FESS on one Server


I have one Fess instance at port 8080 up and running connected to an elasticsearch at port 9200. Everything is okay and works fine. But I want now a second and third instance of Fess. And they should be separated so the users of Fess1 are not seeing the index/searchresults of Fess2 or Fess3. Seperated instances of Fess. How can I achieve that? Must I make new nodes? New installs of Fess? Is there a documentation for such a case? Have anybody did this before?

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

Fess port setting is fess.port in*.
However, in that case, Fess supports multi-tenancy.
So, you can assign proper permissions to documents in a crawling setting and also assign roles to a user.

Okay. I donโ€™t really need multiple fess for my case? I can manage this all with permissions and roles then. Thanks for your answer.