How does Fess auto reconnect to remote ES cluster?

I have a remote ES cluster with 5 connected nodes/servers:

  • Node A/B are coordinating nodes/servers
  • Node C/D/E are master nodes/servers

My 6th server is Fess. In my “bin/”, I’ve put:
ES_HTTP_URL = NodeA_URL_at_port_9200

This works, but I wonder what happens when Node A got shut down, does fess connection to my cluster also got shut down? Is there a way:

  1. for fess to keep trying to reconnect to Node A in case Node A got shut down. I’m talking like forever polling… since if Node A got shut down on Friday and got restarted on next week’s Tuesday, I hardly doubt Fess will keep trying to reconnect to Node A from this week’s Friday to next week’s Tuesday.

  2. for fess to auto switch to Node B (the other coordinating node) in case Node A got shut down?

In the current version, Fess does not switch to other nodes.
We’ll fix it in the next release to support the node switching.