Global labels vs virtual host labels

I did expect that “global labels” would be available also with virtual hosts.
But that is not the case.

And label can only accept one virtual host.

So there is no way of defining common labels to hosts using virtual hosts?

We have dozens of sites with virtual hosts and now we must duplicate labels to all sites.
And if we want to use Fess translations to labels, we must also duplicate labels to every used language.

Is it possible to make Fess to return virtual host and global labels in /json?type=label query when virtual host is used?

No solution at the moment. The feature of Virtual Host is like multi-tenant mode. So, it does not display in other hosts.

What if labels without defined virtual hosts are returned when querying labels with virtual host?
Now it works other way around.

If virtual hosts are used, then labels must be duplicated for every virtual host.
And this makes querying labels without virtual host useless, because this query returns all labels, weather they have defined virtual host or not. So there will be lots of duplicates and the returned data does not include virtual host field, only label and value.