gitbucket datastore crawler with {role}admin permission do not work

i use
fess: 13.2.0
elasticsearch: 7.2.0
gitbucket: 4.32.0
gitbucket-fess-plugins: 2.13-1.5.0

i setuped datastore crawler

名前 gitbucket_crawler
ハンドラ名 GitBucket
パラメータ url=http://localhost:8089/gitbucket/
ブースト値 1.0
パーミッション {role}admin
状態 有効

i search data in gitbucket-repo-data when i do not login.
but i can search gitbucket-repo-data.
( my permission is guest mode)

i hope that i can not search gitbucket-repo-data when i do not login.

For fess-ds-gitbucket, permission info seems to come from gitbucket setting, not the configuration.

Thank you very much.
I understood that the plug-in cannot set permissions on the FESS side