Force interface language


My website is translated into two languages, spanish and basque. I am trying to personalize the fess search interface with my website design.

I created the localized version of for spanish and basque languages and the interface is translated into spanish correctly.

There is any method to force the interface language to use? an url parameter or something? I need to show the search engine in spanish or basque depends on the language you are in.


Currently, it depends on only browser’s preferred language.
To change it by a request parameter will be supported in the future release…

In Fess 10.3, browser_lang parameter is available.
To change a language, access to localhost:8080/?browser_lang=en

Thanks @marevol for the fast implementation.

I am trying it but I have a problem:

With en, ja, ko and ru languages is working fine but I created file with spanish localization at app\WEB-INF\classes and when trying to open the search interface with “?browser_lang=es” is showing the default english version.

I need to adjust some configuration file?

Oh sorry, I need to create fess_label_es and fess_message_es files to work properly.

Thank you!!