File Crawler Search Result is Incomplete

Under a Windows 2012 R2 Server, I have created a simple document/file system crawler containing 10 pdf files. After creation of crawler & job, then run the crawler, after searching pdf in the search screen, only 4 out of 10 files are being returned as search resutls. I am expecting 10 items as search results. I also checked the Crawler Info with the returned index count as always 0. I’ve tried different mix and matches within the file crawler setting, fess_config property file etc, checked the crawler logs (which has no apparent error even on a debug level) but result-wise has been the same.

I am hoping you can enlighten me with what has transpired in this instance. I have attached the relevant screenshots. Thank You

Paths: file:/C:/_apps/sounds/
Included Paths For Crawling: file:/C:/_apps/sounds/.*
Included Paths For Indexing: file:/C:/_apps/sounds/.*
Depth: 1
Max Access Count: 1000
The number of Thread: 5
Interval time: 1000
Boost: 1.0
Permissions: {role}guest

Cloud you provide fess-cralwer.log?

Hi Shinsukeさん. This issue has been resolved by the last issue I’ve created since it’s related. サポート頂き誠にありがとう御座いました。