Fess on Kubernetes

I created kubernetes-fess as an example project to deploy Fess with ECK on Kubernetes. Currently, it supports kind and AWS EKS.

Thanks for creating this for us @shinsuke - how does it use the official elastic operator / elastic images considering fess requires special plugins to operate?

Currently, the docker image of fess-elasticsearch does not support ECK. But the latest Fess supports ECK and Amazon Elasticsearch Service without our own plugins. So, if you want to use fess-elasticsearch, you need to configure your own elasticsearch cluster with it.

Thanks for explaining - will using Amazon Elasticsearch Service and ECK be supported in the future or is this just a test? In the past Fess has been heavily dependent on the plugins so is there a difference in functionality or have you migrated deprecated the plugins in some way?

Fess 13.12 supports them. But, since they do not use own plugins, Fess with ECK/AWS ES has limitations:

  • Dictionary editor in Admin UI is not available
  • Similar Result Collapsed is not available

The index mapping is different from the default one of Fess. You need to create indices and crawl documents.