Fess failed startup on a opensearch cluster data node

I’m tring to create a search system: Fess + Opensearch cluster.

Now, my OPS cluster has a cluster manger node and cluster data node.
First, I started OPS cluster, it run well.

However, when I started FESS on the data node, it failed:
“IndexNotFoundException[no such index [fess.2023xxxxx]]”

Also, on the cluster manager node OPS console output:

“IOException while reading mappings_path: file not readable, from file: F:\fess_cluster\opensearch-2.10.0\data\config\ja\mapping.txt, exception is: java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: F:\fess_cluster\opensearch-

That no configuration files were created on the cluser manager node.
Actually, the directory of the manager node is empth, on the other hand there were
some configuration files were created on the data node “config” folder.

Anyway I learnt, FESS should not access cluster manger node, so that FESS
will not create any configuration file on the manager node.

By the way, if cluster manager node is set un-specified node role, that each member
node of cluster is same using default setting, Fess startup will success.

Any help for this issue please…

Did you install plugins to the OpenSearch?

I think so.
I have installed following OPS plugins:

  • opensearch-analysianalysiss-fess
  • opensearch-analysis-extension
    • opensearch-minhash
  • opensearch-configsync

Above plugins installed on both manager and data nodes.

The configsync plugin creates the dictionary files. So, I think the configsync plugins are not installed, or the setting is incorrect.

I installed “configsync” plugin according FESS web site:

S F:\fess_cluster\opensearch-2.10.0\plugins> …\bin\opensearch-plugin.bat install org.codelibs.opensearch:opensearch-configsync:2.10.0

Installing org.codelibs.opensearch:opensearch-configsync:2.10.0
Downloading org.codelibs.opensearch:opensearch-configsync:2.10.0 from maven central
=================================================] 100%??
arning: sha512 not found, falling back to sha1. This behavior is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Please update the plugin to use a sha512 checksum.
WARNING: plugin requires additional permissions @
java.io.FilePermission <> read,write
ee Permissions in the JDK
or descriptions of what these permissions allow and the associated risks.

ontinue with installation? [y/N]y

Installed configsync with folder name configsync
S F:\fess_cluster\opensearch-2.10.0\plugins>

About configsync setting in opensearch.yml file:

configsync.config_path: F:/fess_cluster/opensearch-2.10.0/data/config/

I installed OPS in the same location on both manager and data node,
so their configsync setting is same.

Anyway, it seems FESS can only create config files on data node but failed to
create config files on manager node, since manager node “config” folder is empty.

Additional test, If OPS cluster nodes’ role is not set that no manager or data node, both
of them are manager eligible and also used for ingesting data. Then FESS startup is no
problem, configuration files can be created on both nodes.