FESS cluster

(from github.com/marfago)
Is it possible to build up a cluster of many different instances of FESS server?

(from github.com/marevol)
To construct Fess/Elasticsearch cluster, please use external elasticsearch cluster.

Users <-> Load Balancer(use sticky session) <-> Fess instances <-> Elasticsearch Cluster

(from github.com/adamclayton)
Just wondering if you have two or more instances of fess server connecting to the elasticsearch cluster then which fess instance would be doing crawling and other background jobs? Trying to think of how jobs in Fess are scheduled/coordinated in this configuration.

(from github.com/marevol)
To specify a job for each Fess instances, “Target name” is available in fess_config.properties as below:


For examples, you can set a host name to scheduler.target.name.
For Job setting, Target configuration is in Scheduler page.

(from github.com/julianopcardoso)
I need to do that.
So, let me see if I understood.

I have Server1 and Server2 (both Fess server).
I have the Index_Crawler_Job.
Only the Server2 will run the Index_Crawler_Job.

Will the target name be the same in both servers at scheduler.target.name=Server2 and Target = Server2 (Target Configuration) ?

(from github.com/julianopcardoso)
Please help me with this question.

Thanks in advance.