fess 12.3.3 : smb:// not working

(from github.com/minhtienhcmus)
Currently, I am using fess 12.3.3. I want Excluded Paths For Crawling by “smb: // 構築 _2 / AA / 構築 / *”, but get jcifs.smb.SmbException error. However, when I use fess 12.1 it works fine. I think there is some way to config on fess 12.3 but I don’t know how.
Can you help me?.
Thank you very much!!!
error message:

crawler file:

(from github.com/marevol)
I could not reproduce it. It’s better to check configurations about an authentication.

(from github.com/minhtienhcmus)
Thank you for replying soon!!.
So, in order that smb: // on fess 12.3.3 can work, we have to configure about an authentication , right?
Thank you very much!!!