Failed to evalue groovy script: 0,5 =>

In my fess-crawler.log i have the whole html-code of pages. It starts with:
[IndexUpdater] WARN Failed to evalue groovy script: 0,5 =>

–Here comes the whole html-structure of a page—

And after that this error message:

org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed:
Script1.groovy: 1: unexpected token: 0 @ line 1, column 1.

1 error

	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.ErrorCollector.failIfErrors( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.ErrorCollector.addFatalError( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.ErrorCollector.addError( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.ErrorCollector.addError( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.SourceUnit.addError( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.antlr.AntlrParserPlugin.transformCSTIntoAST( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.antlr.AntlrParserPlugin.parseCST( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.SourceUnit.parse( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilationUnit$ ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilationUnit.applyToSourceUnits( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilationUnit.doPhaseOperation( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilationUnit.processPhaseOperations( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.control.CompilationUnit.compile( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader.doParseClass( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader.access$300( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader$5.provide( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader$5.provide( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.memoize.ConcurrentCommonCache.getAndPut( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyClassLoader.parseClass( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyShell.parseClass( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyShell.parse( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyShell.evaluate( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyShell.evaluate( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at groovy.lang.GroovyShell.evaluate( ~[groovy-2.5.7.jar:2.5.7]
	at org.codelibs.fess.util.GroovyUtil.evaluate( [classes/:?]
	at org.codelibs.fess.indexer.DocBoostMatcher.getValue( [classes/:?]
	at org.codelibs.fess.indexer.IndexUpdater.updateDocument( [classes/:?]
	at org.codelibs.fess.indexer.IndexUpdater.processAccessResults( [classes/:?]
	at [classes/:?]

This happens multiple times per crawl. What is wrong?

I think your setting for Document Boost is wrong.

Is 0.5 an unvalid value in boost expression on doc boost? I have that on some pages.

Can i set a negative value such as -100 as boost expression?

[IndexUpdater] WARN Failed to evalue groovy script: 0,5 =>

It’s not 0.5.

Do you mean that it’s not 0.5 as boost expression that is the problem or do you mean that you can not put 0.5 in boost expression?

No, please check the character. It’s a typo.

So it should be 0,5 NOT 0.5?

You typed 0,5. It should be 0.5.

Ok, thanks!

How abot this:

Is boost a number that multiplies the score? For example:
Page original score=50
Doc boost=10
=Page score after boost in search 50x10=500

And if so, is 0.1 the most you could boost “negatively”. OR could you use a negative value for example -10?

You cannot set a negative value as a boost value.
If you want to decrease a score, use a weight under 1.0.