Exclude CSS, JS, PHP URL's ffrom indexing or crawling

I seemed to ve having problems stopping urls like the ones below from displaying in the search

I have tried many different regex options example below:



I do not want these url’s or URL files/folders indexed as they are mainly CSS, JS, PHP File, can anyone help me with this. I would prefer if someone can send me to a page with instructions so I can learn more about the regex that will work with FESS, when I use the standard regex in the search it finds the URLs and I can remove them manually but it does not stop the URL’s from indexing which is what I am trying to achieve.

I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance

You can set a regex(ex. .*\.png) to Excluded URLs For Crawling.

Appreciate your help thank you, what about the URL below for example as I have tried with regex
but the URL below is more complex


Just tried this to stop .*\.php files and xmlrpc.php still gets indexed

They are like this.


Thank you as always I will try again

I have stumbled on these problems.
Did you solve the problem? If yes, how?
I tried couple of combinations in the advanced http://localhost:8080/search/advance/ options,
selected ‘html’ file type from the right hand fess generated filter. Next I am going to try is REST API.

Search API can help you.