Escaping Special Characters


using Elasticsearch special character

+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \

Fess give the message: The given query is invalid.

For the standard user it’s too frustrating to insert the query between double quotes or insert the escape before.

Have you considered to escape this characters on Fess?

Thank you

Since some of them are a query operator, Fess cannot decide whether it should be escaped.
So it’s difficult to do that… but any idea is welcome.

By far the more frequently used are/ or : as date separators.

I know that : is a query operator.

And also / ?

I forgot to insert in the list / as a problematic character.

/ is not an operator.
A solution might be to send an escaped query again if InvalidQueryException occurs…

my question was too much broad: forget : that is an operator and focus on / only:

a query like


give error, so the user must insert an escape before / or make the query


It would be easier for the standard user insert the query simply as


Is there a solution now for escaping the character / in a query?

For us, the slash is a typical sign when identifying documents. @freestyle68 gave date as an example.

@shinsuke So there isn’t a solution yet for searching with a slash?

No update. Fess is OSS. Any contribution is welcome.