Escaping spaces in SMB shares

I cannot seem to escape a space in an SMB share for the file crawler. I am aware of the escape codes for web URLs…but SMB does not seem to work the same…

Example: smb://filepath/name with space/
Ends up in the logs as

I have tried single quotes, double quotes, \ (backslash), and %20 all with no change…How do I crawl SMB shares with spaces as that is quite common in the Windows world unfortunately. I am working with fess 12.3.3

Is it the same as #1910?

I dont know, I do not believe so, but potentially related?..I figured they were two different issues as one was downloading files and the other was trying to crawl and SMB share and how that treats spaces in the share when enumerating the share,

Did you set smb://hostname/name with space/ to URL in FileSystem Crawling Config?
The above setting works in our test environment.