Error reading link without filename

When a web page ( consists a link without filename like 2016, normal browser will able to append the current url (, but fess crawler wont (

Hope this will be fixed in next version.

Fess crawls links for tags, could you check if tag is correct?

Let me rewrite my question, forgot to style the code.

For a webpage (, if there is a link in page:
<a href="?year=2016">2016</a>
Normal browser will prepend the filename test.php and open as

But Fess crawler will not prepend the filename and open as
which is not the correct url

It’s not reproduced…
Putting <a href="?abc=123">?abc=123</a>, http://...?abc=123 is crawled.
Does test.php contain <link rel=“canonical”… ?

No, the page does not have canonical value

tested with

<link rel="canonical" href="">
<a href="?year=2016">2016</a>
<a href="?year=2015">2015</a>
<a href="?year=2014">2014</a>
<a href="?year=2013">2013</a>

still crawling, not

If “” page contains <link rel=“canonical”…, the page is not indexed. To disable canonical attribute, set the following setting to empty in