Difference in search api vs web ui

Thanks for making Fess @shinsuke - it helps a lot of people!

I am trying to search via the api and I get a different result to when I perform the same search in the web ui, for example I want to search for “Mike Smith” (with the quotes so I don’t get a million results)

using curl : https://fess.my.co/json/?q=%22Mike%20Smith%22

The result is I don’t get any results.

using the web ui : “Mike Smith”

and I get results as expected - any idea about this?

I am running fess 13.10.3


On the browser access, Fess checks a language in request headers and use it with a search query.

How can I get the same results when using the api? I’m just trying to search for a literal string using double quotes “Mike Smith”

Please try lang request parameter to specify languages.