Database DataStore Configuration


I’m going to run ElasticSearch and Fess od Google GKE.
Data Store Crawling System will connect through jdbc driver to mysql database, and I have two issues with configuration. I hope You can help me.

  1. Because of security reasons i can not manually insert credentials do database in configuration.
    Inside docker container i have mechanism that get credencials from Vault and exports them in to environment variables (using Consul Template). So I need get credencials from enviorment variables and achieve something like this:
    Any ideas how can i do it? Maybe there is another method to pass credentials into the configuration?

  2. During connection into mysql i need to pass ssl cert variables (ca, cert, key) to make connection to database work. Any ideas how can i achieve that?

If something is not clear I’ll be happy to explain. THX :slight_smile:

  1. No solution at the moment…, but I’ll fix it in the next release.
  2. Can you add these parameters to url?