Data store libraries are not loaded by Fess

I tried add data store library (JIRA) following repository’s instruction on Fess 13.0 in Ubuntu 18.04.
Specifically, I did commands below:

$ cd  /usr/share/fess/app/WEB-INF/lib/
$ sudo wget  wget
$ sudo chmod 755 fess-ds-atlassian-13.3.0.jar
$ sudo chown fess:fess fess-ds-atlassian-13.3.0.jar
$ sudo systemctl restart fess.service

After that, I tried to make crawler in data store crawling configuration and confirmed the library was not shown in Handler name.
I solved this problem by downgrading 12.1.

Fess 13.0 supports only fess-ds-atlassian-13.0.x.jar.
To install fess-ds-atlassian-13.3.x.jar, you need to use Fess 13.3.x.

@marevol Oops, this is a typo. I used Fess 13.3.0.
I found that fess plugins are installed by admin/plugin/ but each plugin repository’s is not updated from 13.2.x.
Therefore, could you update them to use admin/plugin/ ?

Hi, I’m gnakagaw, a colleague of @Yanagi-fixstars.
Please let me explain further.

  1. We can enable fess-ds-atlassian plugin via System-Plugin page in admin console. The problem has been resolved.
  2. We found that several plugin’s README need to be updated. They say that
Download fess-ds-sample-X.X.X.jar
Copy XXX-X.X.X.jar to $FESS_HOME/app/WEB-INF/lib or /usr/share/fess/app/WEB-INF/lib

However, it is not valid for > fess 13.3.0. I will make another issue report.


We found that several plugin’s README need to be updated.

It’s for an old version.

We got it. Thank you.