Dashboard REST exception

On our old docker environment, the Fess dashboard (Kopf) worked with out any problems. We’ve moved our Fess docker container to a new host with a new domain name. After the move, the dashboard (Kopf) is reporting the following REST error:

 [2022-12-22 17:27:49] Elasticseach connection:
[2022-12-22 17:27:49] {"host":"http://fess.ourdomain.com/admin/server_a68e6384b18b454bb286cad41cd37d91","withCredentials":false}
[2022-12-22 17:27:50] Error parsing REST API data:
[2022-12-22 17:27:50] {}
[2022-12-22 17:27:50] REST API output: 

The REST API output is the html code for the standard “System Error” page.

Curling the provided URL responds with Bad Authentication

curl --location --request GET 'http://fess.ourdomain.com/admin/server_a68e6384b18b454bb286cad41cd37d91?withCredentials=false'

I’m not seeing any reference to the request in the audit.log, fess.log, or server_0.log files.

I’m wondering if there is some property that needs to be set since we’ve moved the host and added a new domain name.

Fess, including the dashboard, does not depend on a domain name.
Did you access it after logging in as admin?