Customized search result view

I tried to use “csvdatastore” to update my index data.
I’m using FESS-14.10.0 with Opensearch-2.8.0.

As I know, the file “searchResults.jsp” is used to customize search results.
Below code is used to show search file path:

<div class="site">
<c:if test="${clipboardCopyIcon}"><i class="far fa-copy url-copy" data-clipboard-text="${doc.url_link}"></i></c:if>
				**- <cite>${f:h(doc.site_path)}</cite>** 

Please teach me how to field name related “site_path”, in my CSVDataStore “Script” setting, what field can I use to set search result
file path?
I have confirmed that following fields usage:

Script definition         ------>   Search Result View Variables

  url                                      doc.url_link
 content_length                    doc.content_length
 last_modified                       doc.last_modified

At beginning I though field “site” is for “doc.site_path”, but seems not correct.

Is there any field that is referred by “doc.site_path”?

It’s in ViewHelper#getSitePath.

Thank for your reply.
According to the java code, I understand what I should do now(i think).

Thanks again