Custom facets

How can custom facets be added to search results?

The default facet configuration is in app.xml.

                        <component class="org.codelibs.fess.entity.FacetInfo">
                                <property name="minDocCount">1</property>
                                <property name="field">["label"]</property>
                                <property name="query">[
                                        "timestamp:[now/d-1d TO *]",
                                        "timestamp:[now/d-7d TO *]",
                                        "timestamp:[now/d-1M TO *]",
                                        "timestamp:[now/d-1y TO *]",
                                        "content_length:[0 TO 9999]",
                                        "content_length:[10000 TO 99999]",
                                        "content_length:[100000 TO 499999]",
                                        "content_length:[500000 TO 999999]",
                                        "content_length:[1000000 TO *]",

it would be good add the file type in the front of the search result

Can i use “label” also as one of query selector. For example “lable:lable-name”

Yes. “label:…” is available for search.