Custom data on Fess docker

Hello guys,

I am trying to set up my custom data (users, crawling configuration) in Docker, according to the link but when the container is started the data from my project /data/fess/config are not loaded.

If I upload the files manually using the upload button, the settings works.

Im using the latest version from Fess, 13.8.2

What can I be doing wrong? Thanks so much


I´ am not sure if this help, but there was longer time ago a conversation in this forum:

Maybe it helps.

the data from my project /data/fess/config are not loaded.

It’s better to check -v option on docker command.

Hello Rick… thanks for reply.

I have updated to the latest version, to eliminate this type of risk that occurred on this thread, but the problem persists.

Hello shinsuke, thanks for reply.

I have used the following command:

docker run -d -p 8080:8080
-v $PWD/data/fess/config:/opt/fess fessbb

The files were copied to container in /opt/fess (I entered it) but the files are not loaded.

I was investigating and noticed that the variables FESS_OVERRIDE_CONF_PATH and FESS_APP_TYPE, configured in my dockerfile, are not being used in the application (file Is there a problem with that? Which class / method / file does this load /opt/fess work?

Hmm…, what do you want to configure?

They are in elasticsearch. so, you need to mount /var/lib/elasticsearch.