Created date issue

Hi, I am new in Fess, so I have a doubt about the created date that appears in results. I noticed that is the index´s created date not of the document/page.
I think is more interessant appeats the document´s created date, how can I do it?
The last modified date is correct.

Thanks in advance.

I could not reproduce it.
Could you provide steps to do it in my environment?

I simply crawled some wiki pages.
Look below doc.created is the index´s created data not the of the document (url).
test="${doc.created!=null && doc.created!=’’}">
<c:set var=“hasInfo” value=“true” />
<la:message key=“labels. " />
<fmt:formatDate value=”${fe:parseDate(doc.created)}"
type=“BOTH” pattern=“yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm” />


Ok. But I want the creation date meanwhile doc.created display the index date.

The specification of Fess is as below:

  • created: registered date in index
  • last_modified: last modified(web crawling) or file timestamp(file crawling)
  • timestamp: last_modified or created(if last_modified is null)

You cannot change them.

OK. I understood it.