Crawling with NTLM authentication - does not create any documents


Requesting for help on crawling with NTLM authentication .
Here is the environment -

  1. Elasticsearch 7.13.0
  2. fess-13.13.2
  3. Windows 10 environment

I have configured Web Authentication for NTLM method
Had tested with Curl and can fetch the target site with no issues.
Pl see crawler log on the below link -
fess crawler log

Do not see any errors for further investigation. Can you please suggest the next step for investigation. I had also looked at fess.log in debug mode , it does not point to any errors. Since it is huge file not attaching now.

It’s better to check fess.log with debug level.

Thanks Shinsuke,
I could figure out config issue on the crawler, It is working fine with NTLM auth.
Pl ignore the question and this topic can be closed.