Crawl only whitelisted filetypes


is there a way to whitelist filetypes in a filesystem crawler? In other words:

FESS works great for the time invested into the initial setup. But it seems the crawler walks through everything, including files no Extractor is give for. For example: It tries to load an executable, but fails to do only because of its file size.

We have set up a file system crawler with a path, as well as two paths to avoid as excluded paths for crawling and indexing. Including is empty for both, crawling and indexing. So i would add *.pdf$ for example, to get only PDF kind of files. Right?

In general docs would benefit of more config examples in plain english.

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A filetype is decided after downloading a file. So, Fess cannot use it as a filter for crawling.
Therefore, you need to use the setting of included/excluded paths.
If you want to crawl pdf files, I think the configuration is as below:
Crawling included path:


Indexing included path:

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Added this to my file crawling config.

Since i think this will take effect for sessions to come, I will look forward and wait for things to happen.

Thanks for your fast response.