Crawing does not work (CrawlingAccessException occured)

I am trying to crawler a file system, but its not working. “jcifs.CIFSException” is occured.
Fess version is fess-12.6.2 and fess server OS is win10.
attach files are my setting, Failure URL and fess-crawl.log(debug mode).

Please let me know how to solve this error.
Uploading file crawl setting.txt…
Uploading failure URL.txt…
Uploading fecc-craler.log…

fess-crawler.log is not attached.

Reattached Crawling setting , Failure URL and fess-crawl.log.

file crawl setting.txt
failure URL.txt

Try to replace smb1://... with smb://... in the crawling configuration.

Thank you for your reply.
I changed the crawling configuration to your reply, and I tried again.
The crawl works well !!

Does this definition(“smb1://”) means SMB1 protocol?
Please let me know reason why use this definition.